1. Fungus in cameras and lenses

    Fungus in cameras and lenses

    Fungus grows in camera and lens coating. It decimates equipment's value. You must understand how it is caused and how to prevent.
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  2. Simply the best

    Simply the best

    Leica's 21mm f3.4 Super Angulon will perform almost as well as anything built today. Quite an achievement for an optic designed 70 years ago
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  3. New world record

    New world record

    March 2018, a new world record has just been set at the WestLicht camera auction in Vienna.A Leica Null-series - one of only 25 pre-production cameras - has sold for a staggering €2.4 million.So why do people get so excited about Leica? Well, it started in 1925 when the company launched its first camera, the Leica I. At the time...
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