Every year the camera makers launch new and ‘improved’ equipment.
Inevitably, the spotlight moves away from older gear and often it’s forgotten.
However, astute buyers can take advantage of this and save a small fortune in the process.
Take, as example, the Contax-fitting Zeiss 85mm f1.4 (above). It's one of the best short tele lenses ever made and is selling for £595. In contrast, a current Sony 85mm f1.4 sells for £1500 ... and is bulkier and less well-built!
If you use a mirror-less camera and speed of operation is not an issue - or your work is predominantly video - then the Contax lens represents exceptional value for money.
With the right knowledge (or the right dealer to ask!) and a bit of patience it’s possible to find top-quality equipment at substantially discounted prices.