A week doesn't go by without somebody asking me to recommend a good film camera.

Top of my list would be earlier mechanical Nikons such as the Nikon F, F2, FM, FM2 and FM3s. Fantastic, basic cameras which, if serviced regularly, will last for years.
Older pro-spec Canon (the F1s) and Olympus (OM1n, OM2n OM3 and OM4) cameras are also worth considering.
Don't forget though that some of the earliest models don't have built in meters!
Always, always, always make sure the camera has been recently serviced. All use rubber-based light traps and these disintegrate over time. If the camera hasn't been serviced you can be 100% sure that your first film will be returned fogged! Very disappointing.
And lenses? I'd recommend standard primes. The 50mm f1.8 lenses made by Nikon, Canon and Olympus are cheap and very, very sharp - almost impossible to beat regardless of budget!