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Selling used Contax cameras or lenses? We're always keen to buy. Please check out our 5-star customer reviews.

Beginning life as a camera model within the Zeiss Ikon line in the 1930s, the Contax camera went on to become a brand in its own right. Manufacturer Kyocera announced back in 2005 that it would no longer be producing Contax cameras – a move which has only served to increase demand for these products amongst a community that values timeless quality.

Here at Worldwide Camera Exchange, we buy all quality second-hand Contax equipment, from equipment first developed in the early 1940s through to the latest models. At time of writing, the market is particularly strong for clean pre-owned Contax rangefinder models (such as the Contax I, II, IIa, III, IIIa etc), SLRs (including the RTS, RTSII, RTS III, S2, RX) and G1 and G2 cameras. We're also buying Zeiss lenses in Contax Rangefinder, SLR and G1/G2 fittings.

High international demand and our global network of customers means the prices we pay today are stronger than ever, so if you have been considering trading in your classic Contax cameras and lenses for a while now, it could be time to part ways with your equipment for cash.

Don't forget we also buy other high-end marques such as Canon, Leica (Leitz), Nikon, Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Zeiss, Tamron, Panasonic, Tokina, Hasselblad, Bronica, Fuji and Mamiya.

How to sell your Contax equipment for cash in three easy steps:

1) Contact us for an immediate quote
2) Bring or send us your equipment (or if you live in GB we can collect free of charge)
3) Upon receipt we will check over your equipment. If we’re satisfied with its condition we'll make immediate payment

We pay by same-day bank transfer, cheque or cash if you prefer.

We fully appreciate that it can be daunting to sell Contax cameras and lenses online, especially if the items are worth a considerable amount of money (or have a high sentimental value). Rest assured that our team treat every transaction with the greatest of care, and are committed to delivering a service that’s not only fast and reliable, but also 100% transparent. Subject to your items being described as seen, what we quote you is what you will be paid – it really is as simple as that.

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