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Get a quote now! Worldwide Camera Exchange are the home of used and second-hand Hasselblad cameras. The cameras you see displayed here have been thoroughly tested, cleaned and quality-checked prior to being displayed, so you can rest assured you are investing in the very finest second-hand Hasselblad cameras.

Why Should I Buy A Second Hand Camera?

Buying second hand camera equipment allows you to save a lot of money in the long run, and leaves you with a bigger budget to purchase other pieces of photography kit in the near future. On top of all the money you will save by going second-hand, you will also be investing in a superior piece of kit that will help you to further your passion and talent for photography. Whether you are a photography enthusiast wanting to extend an existing collection or professional photographer building up a kit, a second-hand Hasselblad camera from Worldwide Camera Exchange is something worth investing in.

Capture Picture Perfect Shots with Hasselblad

Hasselblad manufacture a wide range of cameras that are perfect for both enthusiast and professional use. The majority of their cameras are intended for professional or studio use, but work just as well in the hands of an amateur photographer.

About Hasselblad

Hasselblad was founded in 1841 and is one of the world’s most renowned camera brands. From the basic early film-based Hasselblad cameras to the current high-tech digital Hasselblads, they’ve led the market all the way! The company are headquartered in Gothenburg, with subsidiaries in Denmark, Germany, France, UK, USA, China and Japan. The brand continues to design the finest camera equipment known to man. We regularly update our camera and lenses stock, so check back soon for high-quality second hand and used Hasselblad cameras with Worldwide Camera Exchange.

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