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Worldwide Camera Exchange

UK dealer in quality used photographic equipment

Worldwide Camera Exchange is a leading UK dealer in quality used photographic equipment. Boasting a global network of customers, we can pay the highest prices for pre-owned cameras and lenses from Canon, Nikon, Leica (Leitz), Sony, Olympus, Sigma, Zeiss, Contax, Tamron, Panasonic, Tokina, Hasselblad, Bronica, Fuji, Mamiya, Linhof, Schneider, Voigtlander and other top-end and niche manufacturers (e.g. Rollei, Pentax, Wista, Plaubel, Sekonic, Rodenstock, Chamonix, Shen Hoa, Intrepid etc).

Our hassle-free service also enables you to sell all kinds of camera accessories, such as tripods, supports, bags, cases, viewfinders, drives and grips.

Selling an old camera for cash couldn’t be easier!

How it works

Step 1

Contact us for an immediate quote

Step 2

Send, bring or ask us to collect your camera equipment free of charge (GB customers only)

Step 3

We will check over your camera, lenses & other accessories, and if everything is in order we will make immediate payment

Free up your funds

Whether you want to upgrade your current equipment or need some cash for an entirely different purchase, selling or trading in your old camera is a sure-fire way to free up your funds.

Sell your camera to us, and we will pay you by same-day bank transfer, cheque or cash, depending on your preferences.

We fully understand that many people are nervous when selling valuable camera equipment online. We treat every transaction - regardless of size - with the greatest of care and always deliver the personal attention to detail that our customers deserve (along with some of the most competitive prices in the industry).

You can rest assured that if you decide to sell your camera with Worldwide Camera Exchange, your items will be in the safest possible hands!

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